Action Items

Action Items pair with our Forms & Recordkeeping feature. Any form, such as safety meetings, inspections, audits, and incident investigations can identify deficiencies. Address these deficiencies by developing a corrective action plan, which is assigned to a worker, assessed for priority, and given a due date. Action items are a great way to show due diligence has been completed for an audit.

Creating the Action Item
After a form is submitted, a deficiency and correction action can be attached. Designate a priority, create a due date, assign it to a worker, and notify them via Email/SMS.

Completing the Action Item
The worker then leaves comments relating to the task. Your safety team will be notified of the completed action item and then sign off on it.

Viewing Historical Data
Track and sort action items by status, record type, dates, etc. You can easily keep on top of outstanding action items.

Action items can be used to satisfy key audit requirements on following up on your audits. Incidents can also be tracked by which incidents have outstanding action items.

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