Audit Preparation

Our audit tool allows you to add an audit standard from a large number of governing bodies such as Enform, ASCA, AMTA, and more. Invite your auditor to login to your account to see your entire safety program in one place. Track where you're deficient and build action items for next year on the improvements you need to make.

Add a Standard
We've got over 20 different protocols to choose from. If you don't see yours, send it to us, we'll add it no problem.

Filling out the Standard
When an audit asks for your Safety Management Policy you can simply link the policy that already exists in SafetySync to the element! Your auditor won't need to dig to find it.

Self Scoring
As you complete the standard leave yourself notes on elements that are deficient and come back to them later when you're ready to complete them.

Getting your Auditor on Board
Add your auditor into SafetySync and they'll be able to see your safety program in action. They don't even need to come to your office to do a basic review!

Let's Get Started

Having an email is a key feature of SafetySync.