Competency Assessments

Before your workers can work independently they need to be competent, right? In SafetySync you can specify what exactly makes a worker competent to do their job safely and setup a review process for the worker to be assessed on these details. You can then easily track which workers can work in the field without supervision.

Setup Competency Pre-requisites
Before a worker can be assessed they need to have completed training, policy acknowledgements, procedure reviews, etc. Add these tasks to do before the assessment.

Build the Competency
Add the steps your workers will be assessed on. Categorize them into knowledge or skill based steps.

Perform the Assessment
Assess your workers and mark them as needing supervision, competent to work independently, or even as another assessor.

Grandfather Competent Workers
Quickly grandfather your existing workers into the system as already competent. Determine who can and can't assess other workers.

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