Bulletin & Alerts

Communication on a timely basis from management on safety issues is a key component of any safety program. With our software, management can communicate with their workers effectively and keep track of the views a bulletin receives. Make bulletins part of compliance to ensure workers read updates from your safety team. Post lessons learned whenever a serious incident takes place.

Setup your Bulletin
Filter recipients by their location or their position so that bulletins only go to relevant workers.

Bulletins can go out via email and text message. When opened, the view date is logged in SafetySync.

New legislation announced? Send a bulletin. Incident happened on site? Send a bulletin outlining contributing factors. Make bulletins a regular part of your safety program.

Use it for your Audit
Regular communication from management is a key component of any audit standard. Use our bulletin tool to satisfy this requirement and solicit valuable feedback from your workers.

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Having an email is a key feature of SafetySync.