Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Everyone knows GHS regulations state that you need to keep up-to-date Safety Data Sheets available for all workers. Now you can ditch the binders full of hard to read photocopied sheets and put the knowledge in the pocket of any of your workers. The ability to print workplace labels is just a click away!

Upload your Safety Data Sheets
Head to your supplier's website and grab the latest SDS for your hazardous products. Assign it to work sites where the product is used.

Add Safe Handling Instructions
Safe handling instructions will allow you to print off workplace labels that comply with GHS standards.

Catalog Always Available
Workers can now view Safety Data Sheets at any time via computer or tablet.

Keeping your Catalog Up to Date
As new Safety Data Sheets arrive, simply update the files in SafetySync and your entire manual is updated. No more trying to stuff new SDS in paper binders.

Let's Get Started

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