Safety Policies

Upload safety policies from your safety manual and organize them just like they appear in your table of contents. You can also use our huge catalog of templates to jump start your manual if you don't have one. Rather than having workers sign off on having read the whole manual (they never do) workers will be required to study each policy independently and sign off on each one.

Upload Your Policies
Your policies will be sorted just like the appear in your table of contents. Easily deploy all or parts of manuals to your workers as needed. Built in version control stores changes made to your manual to present during audit time.

Policy Acknowledgements
Workers must spend a pre-set(you choose) amount of time on each policy before they can acknowledge it and sign off.

Get Feedback
As workers read your policies they can send feedback directly to your safety team to use as ideas for improvements.

Link Forms to Policies
Got an inspection policy? Make sure the inspection form is linked to the policy so your worker has access to it while reading the policy. No more forms stuffed at the back of your manual.

Track Compliance
Track acknowledgement compliance for all your workers and submit reports to management on the status of all new safety policies.

Version Control
We've built an awesome version control system so you can make changes to individual policies and roll them out to workers without resetting the entire manual.

Let's Get Started

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