Incentive Program

Sometimes it's difficult to get workers to make completing their safety requirements a priority. With our incentive program you award points for completing each assigned requirement that can be redeemed for cool swag from our ever growing catalog of rewards. Hand out scratch cards at your next safety meeting and even give points on a monthly frequency for days without incident.

Assign Points
Each feature in SafetySync can have points assigned for successful completion by your workers.

Scratch Cards
Scratch cards have a random point value on them which workers can redeem in SafetySync.

Check the Catalog
We've got hundreds of items stocked by our expert purchasing team. No junk, straight up stuff your workers will love!

Shipped Right to Your Door
Don't worry about acting as a distribution center for packages. We ship directly to your workers so you can forget the hassle!

Let's Get Started

Having an email is a key feature of SafetySync.