Perception Surveys

Wanna know what your workers really think about the effectiveness of your safety program? Let them anonymously answer how they feel and you can track responses over each quarter to see if their perceptions are improving or getting worse. You can even see the range of response in an easy to read report. Use feedback to improve your safety program.

Create a Survey
Use one of our templates or start from scratch. Post a statement that your workers will agree or disagree with.

Filling out a Survey
Workers can leave feedback on each question anonymously, or they can choose to put their name on the feedback so you can follow up with them.

Track Responses
Your safety team can review responses and then track the trend of responses each quarter. Require the survey to be filled out on a regular basis to get great data.

Create an Action Plan
Use surveys as an action plan for your company to make improvements to your safety program. Show your improvements off in your next audit.

Let's Get Started

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