Custom Training Creation

If you've got company specific training you want to track compliance of, you can add it into SafetySync complete with a knowledge test. Set pass rates, expirations, and much more for your course. Once created and workers start taking the course you can receive valuable feedback from your workers and use the feedback to make improvements to the course.

Creating the Course
Create your course and break it down into multiple lessons to keep review comprehension for your workers high.

Create the Lessons
Mix and match content types by creating multiple lesson topics in each course. Upload YouTube, MP4, PDF's, Word Docs, etc.

Write a Knowledge Test
Create quiz questions for the course and set a pass rate. Allow your workers to challenge the course and if they fail they'll be forced to review the lesson content.

Track Compliance
Once complete you can track compliance for courses you've created and receive reminders when compliance is due to expire for your workers.

Let's Get Started

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